FlowMotion™ ONE | World's Most Versatile Smartphone Stabilizer

About Us

We are adventurers, engineers and athletes with a passion for videography, tech and the outdoors. We believe that people should live their lives to the fullest - and capture their journey in the best possible way.

By creating high quality, easy to use products you can bring everywhere, we seek to inspire and enable anyone to become a professional filmmaker.
Since our first prototype in April 2015, we've iterated, redesigned, and tested over and over again, and the result is a product we can be truly proud of.

We released FlowMotion ONE to the public for the first time on Kickstarter.com in November, raising $1.3M in 50 days.

The campaign became one of the top 150 most funded Kickstarter campaigns of all time, and together with our community of over 7000 people, we're on a mission to put an end to shaky videos world wide. And we have the ultimate tool to do it.
Our Trusted Partners
Collaborating with award-winning EGGS design, we created a product that is functional, ergonomic, and versatile. The intuitive design makes for efficient manufacturing process, and we pass on the savings to our customers.
With over 30 years of experience Protolab know how to get consumer electronics products to market. They are accommodating critical support on-the-ground in China and have sourced outstanding suppliers.