Frequently Asked Questions

Is my smartphone compatible with FlowMotion ONE?
FlowMotion ONE fits almost all smartphones. The exception is smartphones wider than 82 mm (3.3") and thicker than 9 mm (0.35"). In addition, some phones that have side button layout on the lower half of the phone might have reduced performance; the stabilizer will still work but the buttons might be covered by the clamps holding the phone.

Below is a list of popular smartphones that are supported:

All Apple iPhone models from iPhone 4 to iPhone 7/8 plus and iPhone X
All Samsung Galaxy smartphones
All Huawei smartphones
All Google smartphones (including Google Pixel and Pixel XL)
All OnePlus smartphones
All HTC smartphones
All LG smartphones
All Oppo smartphones
All Vivo smartphones
All Xiaomi smartphones, except Xiaomi Mi Max

Older smartphones might not be able to run all features in the FlowMotion App due to computing power limitations. If you're still not sure if your smartphone fits, search your phone's dimensions here.

Does it work for Android phones?
Yes, both the app and the stabilizer support Android and iOS phones.

What's in the box?
FlowMotion ONE stabilizer, Grip with joystick and button controls, High Capacity Battery, USB-C charging cable, Premium Travel Case, Tripod Mount and Manual.

Can I mount other cameras to it?
No, FlowMotion ONE is made for smartphones only. Our goal is to make the best smartphone stabilizer in the world, and we've not made any compromises in the design to make it compatible with other cameras.

Is it waterproof?
No, it's not waterproof and the warranty will not cover any damages caused by water.

Can I use it with external lenses?
Yes. However, adding a lens will affect the balance and the stabilization performance. Large, heavy lenses are not recommended and we can't guarantee it will work.

Can I use it with a case?
Yes, most thin and light cases will work with the stabilizer. However, make sure the width of the casing does not exceed 8.5 mm - and we can't guarantee functionality with heavy and bulky cases.

Can I use it in portrait mode?
Yes, you can enter portrait mode by manually flipping the phone to the vertical position or twisting the grip 90 degrees to the side.

When will I receive the product?
Shipping is scheduled for January 2018, though this estimate may change if there are unforeseen circumstances in the development or production process. We will always keep our customers well-informed of any changes.

Is there an Android version of the app?
Yes, there is both an Android and an iOS version of the app. Both versions will have the same features.

What resolution does the FlowMotion app support?
The FlowMotion app will support the highest possible resolution of your phone. Maximum video and photo resolution and size is limited by the hardware and software specs of your phone. If you can record in 4K UHD in your phone native camera app, you can record in 4K in the FlowMotion app. You can easily change video resolution, frame rate, exposure, focus and ratio and more inside the app.

Can I use other camera apps or do I have to use the FlowMotion app?
You don't have to use the FlowMotion app; however, in order to use the features such as motion timelapse, panorama photos, tracking, see battery life, gimbal settings, and more,you need to use the FlowMotion app.

Can I test the FlowMotion app now?
The app is currently in beta and everyone who've pre-ordered a FlowMotion ONE will get early access.

Does tracking work for any object?
Yes, but the tracking will perform better for certain objects, such as distinct objects, people and faces. We will continue to upgrade the tracking via firmware upgrade, so any feedback is highly appreciated!

Can I do firmware upgrades via the app?
Yes, we'll continue to improve both stabilization performance, tracking and other features via firmware upgrades, deployed via the app.

Can I use Filmic Pro?
Yes, but Filmic Pro will not connect to the stabilizer inside the app, so the camera and gimbal controls on the handle, as well as information about the stabilizer, will not be accessible.

Can I edit photos and videos in the app?
No, but you can apply filters to both videos and photos. You can also apply filter directly to your livestreams.

How long does the battery last?
3 hours.

Can I change the battery?
Yes, the battery is swappable, and you can always order more batteries from our website.

Can I order additional batteries?
Yes, you can order additional batteries for $25 from our website.

How do I charge the battery?
You charge the battery by connecting the USB-C cable directly into the stabilizer. The cable is included in your purchase.

How long does it take to charge it?
2 hours.

Can I buy an external charger?
No, but we're planning on making an external charger in the future.

What's the specifications of the battery?
11 V 800 mah.

Can I mount an action camera to it?
No, we don't recommend attaching any action cameras. Our goal is to make the best smartphone stabilizer in the world and, in order to optimize it for a smartphone, we've not made any compromises to make it compatible with other cameras.

Can I use it with mirrorless / compact cameras?
No. Most compact cameras and other smaller mirrorless cameras are just too heavy for the stabilizer.

What's the max weight it can hold?
The max weight is approximately 220 grams, but it's more important that the stabilizer is appropriately balanced.

Can I mount other cameras to it?
No, FlowMotion ONE is made for smartphones only. Our goal is to make the best smartphone stabilizer in the world, and we've not made any compromises in the design to make it compatible with other cameras.

Can I mount it to a tripod?
Yes, the tripod mount is included when you order FlowMotion ONE and it allows you to attach it to any ¼" camera mount.

What separates FlowMotionfrom other stabilizers?
You can detach the grip and mount only the stabilizer itself to any camera mounts (without a 10" handle/grip) or to our smart extension pole, while still having a functional grip with a joystick and button controls. The detachable grip also makes it very portable, you can fold it together and put it in your back pocket. In addition, the app offers unique features.

Do the add-ons ship separately?
The extension pole will ship in a separate package, but the extra battery will ship together with the stabilizer.

Can I order add-ons at a later point?
Yes, you can order more add-ons.

Is the Carbon Extension pole a fixed length or telescopic?
Fixed at 12" (30 cm).

Can I combine two Carbon Extension Poles together?
Yes, you can add up to 2 extension poles together.

Can I attach a microphone?
Yes, but for some phones the lightning port, or other ports located at the middle of the bottom of the phone, will be blocked by the stabilizer. We've tried different solutions and what works best depends on your phone and needs. Attaching a short lavalier mic to the top of the phone works very well.

Does it work with the built-in stabilization in new smartphones?
Yes, we've carefully optimized both soft- and hardware to make the stabilizer respond fast enough to not trigger the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). If you have a phone with EIS, such as the Google Pixel, we recommend turning this off when you use the stabilizer.

When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged immediately after the order is placed, for the full amount due.

Do you ship to anywhere in the world?
No, we only ship to following destinations:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and US.

We are working hard to make it available in other countries, but right now we have to focus on these countries due to tax and logistic reasons.

What are the shipping costs?
Don't worry, the shipping is on us!

What it is your refund policy?
You are eligible for a full refund if you cancel before we ship you stabilizer. If you cancel after the product has been shipped, you are not eligible for any refund unless it's covered by the warranty.

Does the price include VAT and other taxes?
Except for US customers, taxes, VAT and/or duties are not included in the price and may be added in accordance with your local regulations. See our terms and conditions for more info.

I have not received an confirmation email.
Please check you spam and promotional folder. If you can't find it, contact us at [email protected]